Zela Jewels, which has been active in jewellery sector for more over 40 years with its distinctive design and unique hand-workmanship, bears the characteristic of being one of top class jewellery brands, which makes exportation to all over the world. Making no compromise from the quality and workmanship is the secret that lies under the success of Zela Jewels.

Zela Jewels undersigns unique designs based on the principles of sharing the mutual feelings with its customers and reflecting them to the nature of the jewellery. With this sensitiveness, it aims to provide a high level satisfaction to its customers in all over the world.

Zela Jewels has succeeded to become a brand that creates difference in jewellery sector with its technology and particularly with its hand-workmanship. Zela Jewels, that follow the global trends in jewellery sector, has gained experience in America, Europe and Middle East for year, reflects the beauty and elegancy feelings to its designs, sustains to become a brand, that protects its currency and quality.

Zela Jewels has been a brand that has always aimed to make its customers happy and kept its relations with its customers fresh since the early days of its foundation by regularly taking part in the exhibitions and fairs in Middle East and other countries of the world. GIA and HRD Jewellery Certificates, which are valid in all over the world, have strengthened the reliability between Zela Jewels and its customers.

One of the reasons of Zelda Jewels being priceless is its being unique in jewellery designing and being a brand, which has proved itself in all over the world. The combination of collection and the jeweler, who combines the most precious and valuable stones of the world with the highest designing skill, is only thing in the stunning designs of the brand.

The most valuable stones in the world is converted to the reality from being a dream in the hands of those, who dedicated themselves to the jewellery for generations long. Thus, the Zela Jewellery has the characteristics of an artwork that will preserve its value, which had been gained by generations long.

A forty years adventure from apprenticeship to craftmanship…

Norayr Isler, born in 1968 met with the magic world of Grand Bazaar when he was 10 years old only and introduced the Grand Bazaar culture to all over the world with the Zela brand he established with the Artistic understanding, he learned from his master’s hands.

The designs of Norary Isler and jewellery masters, who came together under the roof of Zela and stones, selected by them studiously, are meeting with you as top quality jewellery.

Norary Isler, who takes the pulse of the world jewellery trends in the with its extensive vision, introduced micro transfixing technic to Turkey by following the technological developments closely.

In addition to these, Isler who has also undertaken the presidency of Istanbul Chamber of Jewellerys, has also undersigned a lot of innovations that will contribute to the jewellery sector and economy of the country.

Zela, which has become a world brand, is a trademark that has been appearing in distinguished exhibitions and fairs in America, Middle East and many other countries of the world for years, keeps its relations with customers always warm.

Zela, which is a traditional but at the same time a contemporary brand half-opens the doors of this unique world to you by reflecting the glitter of Orion star cluster to the jewelleries…

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